• Russian Maritime Register of Boats

    The Russian Maritime Register was established in 1913 and entered in the IACS system in 1969. Main objectives since its establishment were:

    • Increase the safety standards;
    • Raise navigation safety standards;
    • Raising safety standards in the transport of goods by sea and waterways;
    • Development of measures and standards to prevent environmental pollution.

    Since 1999 the organ is recognized by the European Union in the exercise in accordance with Regulation (EC) 391/2009 and the European standard EN 17020.

    The tasks performed by it are:

    • Review and verification of technical documentation
    • Delivery of documents, certificates and records for ships and floating structures, as well as for marine machinery such as: equipment, devices, products, supplies and materials, cooling systems, lifting devices, containers;
    • Measurement of ships and floating structures;
    • Implementation of technical supervision of the implementation of agreements and the issuance of relevant documents on behalf of the maritime administrations of international countries.
    • Certification of industrial products and production.
    • Certification of quality management systems, environmental management and control in the field of labor protection and safety to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
    • Inspection of company and ship security management systems for compliance with International Code for Ship Safety and Pollution Prevention.
    • Data analysis and provision of necessary information to shipowners, maritime administrations, port authorities and insurers when a ship varies its class.
    • Cooperation with maritime administrations, port authorities under the control of ships in ports

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