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On November 20, 2019, an article was published on the website of the National Accreditation Institute of Rosaccreditation on the theme: "Toys. Safe childhood is a responsibility of conformity assessment bodies". The article is intended for managers and employees of test laboratories, as well as certification bodies.

This article is the third part of the so-called cycle: "safe childhood" developed by the FCA for a series of analytical themes intended for the use and trade of toys in the Eurasian Economic Union market.The material provided to the certification bodies and to the test centers describes the requirements of the technical regulation "On the safety of toys", the procedures for the confirmation of conformity, information on the certificate of conformity and information for the test laboratories.

In particular in the recommendations it is recalled that the technical regulation 008/2011 EAC certifies the conformity of toys according to the classic three certification schemes: the first and the second for the EAC certification of mass-produced products, the third scheme for certification for single delivery or contract.

The common phases of the certification process are the same for all the marked schemes:

  • Submission of the application;
  • Selection and identification of product samples;
  • Test;
  • Issue (or denial) of the certificate.

For the issue of the certification for serial products, the inspection (Audit), the analysis of the production status (system 1c) or the presence of a certificate of the management system (scheme 2c) is required.

If the toys fall within the scope of application as well as of the 008 regulation also simultaneously with other EAC technical regulations, the certificates issued must certify the conformity to all the regulations in which the toy falls.

For example, an electric toy with a battery charger must comply with the CU-TR regulation (008) "on toy safety", CU-TR (004) "on the safety of low voltage equipment" and CU-TR (020 ) "Electromagnetic compatibility".

The issuing of the conformity certificate attesting the conformity of the product is also allowed in a single certificate.

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