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Validity of old  Gost certificate

Eurasec Customs Union Certificate

Since its establishment it was clear to all the participants in the table of the constituent commission of the EuraSeC community, that in order to make the new entity effective, it was necessary to proceed at the creation of a free trade common area characterized by mutually recognized access to the rules that allow the free circulation of goods (as well as people) but that, at the same time, ensuring respect for the environment and the protection of public health.

Differently from the European economic community the process presented itself, at least in my opinion, much simpler and more immediate, essentially due to two factors:

All adhering countries spoke a common language intended just as a spoken language perfectly intelligible to each other without fears of misunderstandings arising from incorrect interpretations and / or inappropriate translations (The Russian language is perfectly spoken in the most part of the ex USSR country);


The origin of all the countries of the former communist reality with the awareness and knowledge of the other mentality while respecting their traditions.

About the adoption of common rules for the free circulation of goods inside the Customs Union community, the economic commission did decide to proceed by creating a harmonized customs tariff and, also, through development of a list of commons technical rules, which led to creation of technical rules common to all the state;

All member nations had "as a starting point" the old Gost certification so they think to standardize them to more modern technical rules; the new rules infact,  taking a look at the European regulations  integrating them with the necessities and the particularities of the union. In some cases, such as the legislation concerning cosmetics and cosmetic products previously adopted in the Gost K rules of Kazakhstan, it was already a high-level legislation having basically adopted European legislation so it simply had to adapt to the social reality. economic performance of the three countries.

In a short time the EuraSEc commission has issued technical regulations that progressively replace the various national regulations.

These technical regulations are called TR-TC, abbreviation of the Russian "Технических Регламентов Таможенного Союза" (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union) also called CU-TR.

Simultaneously with the entry into force and the issue of new certificates ( EAC Certifications) was forbidden issue the old national certificates (Gost System). For all the company that have obtained Gost certificates before the new regulatory package, it remained valid ( at the level of individual national realities) until 2015 (see the picture)

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