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Obtain EAC declatarion

When and where EAC Conformity?

We immediately answer to one of the most frequently asked questions that we recive when a European company decide to obtain the EAC Declaration of Conformity and try to compare the methodologies of EAC with the CEE declaration of conformity.

The declaration of conformity of the Customs Union of the Eurasian States (EAC) is, a document, in which the accredited body certify that the products are made in conformity of the safety requirements established by the technical regulations (mandatory technical standards) of the Customs Union.

the EAC declaration of conformity, therefore, must be iussed and registered by a certification body  and the goods must be controlled by an EAC-accredited technical laboratory.

The logic is to guarantee the free movement of goods without further restrictions in the framework of the customs union of the Eurasian Community. The importation, the release for consumption as well as the putting into service of goods, subject to mandatory conformity assessment within the Customs Union can not take place in the absence of the aforementioned attestation.

Obviously as well as within our EU, the most evident advantage that derives from this type of document, is the possibility of importing and selling homogeneous products at the same time with a single attestation of conformity on the territory of the countries forming part of the Eurasian union.

The documents required for obtaining the EAC declaration of conformity that must be  presented by the manufacturer can obviously vary depending on the type of product and the certification scheme adopted but can be summarized as follows:

  • Request for registration of the declaration of conformity completed with the data of the manufacturer
  • Copy of the documents confirming the legal status of the Applicant (INN, OGKPO, Statistic Code)
  • Copy Contract between the manufacturer and the Applicant
  • Documentation of products to be submitted to conformity.

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